Our Heart's Day - World Heart Day

First national website solely dedicated to World Heart Day launched in Hungary.

On the last Sunday of September, on the occasion of World Heart Day, the Hungarian National Heart Foundation and the Hungarian Society of Cardiology call again for special attention to the rising incidence of heart diseases and to the need for preventive measures at the main event organised in the Városliget in Budapest. Similar events will be run by member organizations of the World Heart Federation on all continents.

Heart disease and stroke is the world's number one killer, causing 17.5 million deaths each year or more than one death every two seconds. Many people are unaware of their risk of developing heart disease and stroke, a risk that is composed of elements linked both to one's lifestyle and heritage. That's why this year's World Heart Day is about encouraging everyone to "Know Your Risk" and particular emphasis is being placed on high blood pressure, or hypertension.